News: Taco Bell PS4 Giveaways


Finally, my two favorite things have mergered.  Taco Bell and Playstation have teamed up and announced PS4 giveaways!  For the next six weeks, you have a chance to win yourself a PS4 by buying a $5 Buck box (Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme and medium fountain drink), and then texting in the promo code found on the box.  A winner will be selected every 15 minutes!  The promo starts September 26th (Thursday) and ends November 10th, so get your ass over to Taco Bell and win a PS4.

“The prize pack, which includes one PS4, a copy of the PS4 exclusive launch game, Knack, and a one year PS Plus membership, will be shipped on or around November 12th.  For additional details, information, and rules head to www.tacobell.com/winps4.”

Source: Playstation Blog